Comfortable. Livable. Fun. 

At Top Grade Landscape, our commitment is to help you get to know your landscape better!  Our job is to help you discover areas that may only need a little work to make them more attractive, along with pointing out any problem areas that may need extensive changes to make them more comfortable, liveable and fun!

We are flexible, efficient and work with our clients. We’re inspired by your ideas and with our skill we’ll build it to make your property become your dream landscape. Use our designer or bring in your own drawings. The initial consultation is at no charge.

interior plantscapes

Landscaping... Indoors!

Interior Plantscaping can be a great way to create a very lively and green living space in your home, office or business. We use high quality UV resistant artificial plants to create a virtually maintenance free indoor green space in otherwise dull areas. Contact us today for your Interior Plantscape Design.


Need a plan? We can help!

Our Designer with over 20 years experience is creative, knowledgeable and will take your general ideas and tailor a Landscape Design for your specific needs and lifestyle. You can now take your Landscape Design and install the work DIY style or have us provide you with a free quote for installation. Either way, your end result will be a huge savings of time and money, fewer mistakes and headaches and a beautifully landscaped yard you’ll be proud to come home to every day!